"Sapientiae et elegantiae, et per unitatem, et sorores."

"Elegance and wisdom through the unity of sisterhood."



Once upon a time...

Omega Sigma Chi was founded by a group of 8 ambitious women looking for a new way to connect with and experience their university community. With the help of Zeta Psi Fraternity, what would become Omega Sigma Chi was born in the fall of 2009 at Brock University.

Over the next year, what was then known as Alpha Sigma Chi grew from the Founding 8 to a Sisterhood of 23 who shared the common goals and ideas of trust, friendship, growth, and lifelong bonds. As Alpha Sigma Chi grew, it became more and more apparent that the sisters had the ability and strength to accomplish more than they had ever thought was possible and the transformation into Omega Sigma Chi took place on April 12, 2010.  

Omega Sigma Chi, along with the Brothers of Zeta Psi, established a new and rich Greek Life tradition in the Brock University and Niagara College community that is here to stay.

With the interest in Greek Life growing, new groups are starting to emerge thanks to the dedication, hard work, and fundamental goals and values of Greek Life built by Zeta Psi and Omega Sigma Chi.

We encourage you to explore our traditions and history and discover for yourself what Omega Sigma Chi can do to transform your university experience from one that lasts 4 years into one that lasts a lifetime.

The Sisters welcome you to Omega Sigma Chi, Brock University’s first and finest sorority!

...and the rest was history!




Omega Sigma Chi seeks to turn students into poised and self-confident women, equipped with a keener mind, a greater appreciation, and broader sympathies, fortified by a group of true and understanding sisters which will abide throughout life.


Our Sisters fight for the preservation of elegance and wisdom through the unity of Sisterhood. We swear to perpetuate and celebrate the everlasting bonds fostered through that Sisterhood.

Omega Sigma Chi will promote the progress of its Sisters through furthering education and participation in philanthropic endeavors.

We abide by the rules and regulations stated in the Constitution created by the Founding Officers. We pledge to remain respectful of our country, university and Sorority and vow to live by the ideals fostered through our connection to Omega Sigma Chi. 

We will treat our fellow Sisters, Pledges and Rushes with respect; how we as people expect to be treated by others. We will uphold our Oath of Secrecy and keep all traditions at heart and in mind in everything we do, whether it be during or after our academic endeavors. We will wear our badges and promote our letters with pride at all times and throughout our lives.

We will contribute our talents and energies towards maintaining the strength and success of our Chapter and our Sorority as a whole.

We will conduct ourselves in a way so as to always bring honour and merit to the Sisterhood of Omega Sigma Chi.



Ashley Penrice

Studying: Honours Sport Management
From: Georgetown
Email: oexpresident@gmail.com


Kaitlin Martyniuk- Vice President.jpg

Vice President
Kaitlin Martyniuk

Studying: Honours Business Communications
From: Fonthill
Email: oexvicepresident@gmail.com

Sergeant At Arms
Natasha Panter

Studying: Culinary Management
From: St. Catharines
Email: oexsergeantarms@gmail.com

Sarah Young- Finance.jpg

Finance Chair
Sarah Young

Studying: Honours Business Administration & Human Resources
From: Barrie
Email: oexfinance@gmail.com

Jessica Campbell

Studying: Honours Concurrent Education
From: Caledonia
Email: oexsecretary@gmail.com

Recruitment Chair
Emily Anderson

Studying: Honours Studio Art & Curatorial Studies
From: St. Catharines
Email: oexrush@gmail.com

Pledge Co-ordinator
Caroline Whittaker

Studying: Honours Child and Youth Studies & Concurrent Education
From: Ottawa
Email: oexpledgecoordinator@gmail.com

Pledge Educator
Nydia Rodrigues

Studying: Honours Sociology & Criminology
From: Vaughan
Email: oexpledgeed@gmail.com

Philanthropy Chair
Sonam Singh

Studying: Honours Political Science, Sociology & Criminology
From: Brampton
Email: oexphilanthropy@gmail.com


Social Chair
Erika Figueroa

Studying: Honours History & French
From: Thorold
Email: oexsocial@gmail.com


Sisterhood Chair
Tabitha Lash

Studying: Honours Outdoor Recreation & Leisure
From: Milton
Email: oexsisterhood@gmail.com


Kat Twigg

Studying: Honours Outdoor Recreation & Leisure
From: Kitchner
Email: oexhistorian@gmail.com



A member who has been initiated into lifelong sorority membership and is active at the undergraduate level.


Jessica Sacitharan


Mikaela Cheng
Erika Figueroa
Tabitha Lash
Juliana Major
Ashley Penrice


Jessica Campbell
Sandra Cepeda
Tayler Fuerst
Alyssa Prizzon
Ainslee Waller
Sarah Young


Ashley Clark
Emma Duncan
Kaitlin Martyniuk
Natasha Panter
Jessica Pulfrey
Sonam Singh
Katherine Twigg
Katie White


Emily Anderson
Ellie Becker
Kate Blenkarn
Amanda Caron
Sarah Cunningham
Keara Hertel
Kaitlyn Knebel
Brooklyn McIntosh
Nydia Rodrigues
Taylor Simpson
Caroline Whittaker
Breanne Whyte
Dimple Yarlagadda


Natalie Brown
Kaylie Estrela


Abby Mott
Amanda Khan
Cassandra De Jager
Cassidy Motyka
Chardon Trimble-Kirk
Chrissa Sinnett
Cloe Lindo
Deanna Swann
Emily Young
Emily Zwart
Jessica Pierre
Laxmi Ranikunta
Mel Richardson
Nicole Bayes
Sarah Jones
Selena Chivalan
Sydney Acott




Active sisters who have graduated from their post-secondary education.


Victoria Aston
Nikki Bartol
Jera Bortolussi
Lianne Bradley
Brittany Bryant
Meghan Connor
Angela Curtis
Ashley Edmonds
Sabrina Fenos
Jacquelyn Hopf
Lyndsey Martin
Kayla McMillan
Dora Nasopoulos
Racquel Norville
Courtney Nuttley
Marisa Polito
Robyn Sproston
Paige Walker
Melissa Yuill


Katie Adams
Koalby Ashkanase
Jennifer Howard
Judy Lee
Sarah Lemay
Caroleene MacLennan
Tianna Rhooms
Marissa Watson


Stephanie Bogucki
Deirdre Brunton
Rebecca Bunz
McKenzie Clarke
Catherine Danelon
Chrizanna D'Silva
Angela Havoic
Amanda Major
Brooke Metzger
Sandie Nguyen
Kelsi O'Rourke
Melissa Peat
Ana Sales
Sydney Smith


Melissa Brown
Samantha Coley
Anna-Marie Lee
Karanpreet Mann


Maegan Archer
Nicole Arthurs
Sarah Jupp
Nicole Kasslack
Jenna MacNamara
Rebecca McCowan
Emma Steele


Sarah Abbott
Adreena Benner
Alannah Beresh
Mikaela Charlebois
Kate Gifford
Megan Haennel
Amanda Laporte
Natalie Luchmun
Megan McGee
Itzia Perez
Ana Rios
Ashley Rodriguez
Beverly Sheehan
Jelena Slat


Brittany Erwin
Taylor Harding
Sarah Miller
Lisa Presta
Veronica Przenioslo
Tia Rogers 


Andrea Hammond
Karley Doucette
Jessica Payne


Karlee Brayley
Amanda Halliday
Haley Labbe
Danielle Lococo
Sherry Rivers