What is Rush?

We host our semi-annual Rush Week the first week of each semester (usually coinciding with Frosh & Frost weeks). During Rush Week, also known as Recruitment, girls interested in the Sorority and membership (you!) are invited to attend our events during which you are encouraged to get to know the sisters as well as other rushes.

The rush period is a time for rushes to decide is Omega Sigma Chi is right for you, as well as for our Sisterhood to discover those girls they wish to compose the next Pledge Class. After Rush Week is over, Rushes may be asked by the Sisterhood to Pledge.

Acceptance of this invitation results in the transition of Rushes into Pledges and they begin their Pledge Period in which they learn more about our Sorority, our history, purpose, expectations, and goals. After the Pledge Period, our Sisterhood asks those Pledges they deem to be the best candidates to join us as fully initiated Sisters. The acceptance of this invitation is the final transition for each Pledge and forever unites them with our Sisterhood as a whole. New Sisters are welcomed to our Sisterhood and are given our traditions and secrets to guard and perpetuate.

The process from Rush to Pledge to Sister is one that is not to be taken lightly and is entirely optional up until the transition is made from Pledge to Sister. Our Sisters take our bonds very seriously and cherish the relationships they share with their each other for the remainder of our academic careers and take them with us as we exit university.


How To Rush + Join


In the group you'll get to meet other rushes and sisters, ask questions about rush, see the schedule of events as soon as it's released and arrange last minute details such as carpooling for any events off campus.

Step 2. Check The Schedule

Our schedule will be released on this page as well as in our Facebook Group a couple weeks before rush. Check our events schedule against your class schedule and come attend as many events as school allows!


"Oh my gosh, I'm nervous!" Believe us, we've been there.
"What do I talk about?" Hint: We love Ryan Gosling and have also been through rush before. Why not ask us our fav Ryan movie and what our rush was like?


Rush Schedule

This is our schedule from winter rush! A new schedule for fall will be posted in the coming summer!

This is our schedule from winter rush! A new schedule for fall will be posted in the coming summer!

Rush begins again in September 2019!

Thank you for all the enthusiasm for our rush! We can not wait to meet all the wonderful ladies who had such a great interest in our organization.

We look forward to welcoming a new group of ladies to join us in September 2019.

If you'd like to join us for our next rush period, join our Facebook here. That's where you'll find the rush schedule first, and can chat with the sisters prior to the start of rush week.



Q: What is Rush?

A: Rush is the first step in becoming a sister! Rush is the first two weeks of school and involves social events that allow Sisters and Rushes to get to know each other. This week will give rushes an idea of what the sorority is about and if it is right for them.

Q: How Can I Rush?

A: Every lady who attends Brock University or Niagara College can rush! Check back on this website shortly before the beginning of the semester for the schedule of events. Like us on Facebook for a full schedule of Rush Week events and come out to meet the girls!

Q: When Can I Rush?

A: Rush is held the first two weeks of each semester. There will be many events and we recommend that girls try to come out to as many events as possible. 

Q: Do we only take first years?

A: Nope! Although many of our rushes are first years, we still welcome girls from any year to join our sorority.

Q: What type of girls are you looking for in Rush?

A: We look for driven, outgoing, smart and fun girls that are willing to commit to Omega Sigma Chi. We want to find girls that fulfill our motto: Elegance and Wisdom through the unity of sisterhood.

Q: Are any Rush Events Mandatory?

A: No, but it’s highly suggested you attend a minimum of three events in order to have a chance to receive a bid. This is because getting to know our sisters plays a big part on receiving a bid when the day comes!


Q: What exactly do you do in a sorority?

A: Our calendars are filled with the many events we participate in during the school year. We support local charities and participate in philanthropic organizations events (CIBC Run For the Cure, Brock Bowls For Kids, and Start Me Up Niagara, just to name a few). We also enjoy monthly Sister Only events. These events are a chance for us to hang out and relax. In the past some of our Sister Onlys have been trips to the tobogganing hill, a weekend to Great Wolf Lodge, a vacation to Cuba and a trip on a haunted hay ride around Halloween time. We also love to be social with other organizations and often hold mixers with other teams or fraternities at Brock and at other universities.

Q: How big of a commitment is it?

A: While our sorority is very understanding of girls busy schedules and lives, we strive to have all our sisters and pledges be very active within the sorority. We want you to join because you hope to make the sorority a priority in your life, and be something you enjoy being involved with! We are all regular students who are able to keep up with sorority commitments while still being on top of school, sports, jobs and social lives!

Q: What Can I Get Out of Omega Sigma Chi?

A: Omega Sigma Chi offers women a chance to be a part of something bigger. Our sorority allows girls to become a part of a sisterhood and experience university with a whole different perspective. Omega Sigma Chi gets you involved in campus life as well as in your community. The sorority helps women grow on an individual level as well as connecting with the rest of the sisterhood.

Q: How many rushes do we give bids to and make pledges?

A: We do not have a number that we cut off at. If we feel you would be an amazing addition to our sorority we wouldn’t dream of not giving you a bid because we’ve reached a predetermined number. On average 25 girls pledge Omega Sigma Chi a year, but we have been consistently growing, so that number of 25 could always change!


When rush rolls around, you'll find us chatting up a storm in our Facebook Group.